The Help of Experts in Automation, Vision, and Robotics

AV&R Energy’s team encompasses more than 80 professionals offering automation services adapted to your needs and reality. It is renowned for its know-how and its effective analysis of its clients’ needs.

Listening to your wishes, the primary objective of AV&R Energy’s team is to work with you in order to optimize your plant’s productivity and profitability, while reducing workers’ injuries.

The best way to ensure ergonomics and safety in your plant is to automate your processes. Remove workers from hazardous work areas and eliminate work accidents by automating your critical operations!

AV&R Energy’s team often automates the following processes, for which its team of engineers have developed know-how:

  • Tailor-made automation and robotics solutions
  • Automated assembly and sub-assembly of components
  • Automated visual inspection to detect surface defects or for character recognition
  • Factory’s optimization
  • Robot, user-interface, software, and database programming


Secondary operations to AV&R Energy’s systems are also very often automated, per example:

  • Machine tending
  • Machining
  • Marking
  • Material handling
  • Packaging

Innovation at Your Disposal

Innovation is a core value of AV&R Energy. By investing in research and development, its team offers the best solutions available to its clients. Moreover, being part of the AV&R family working in many industries, AV&R Energy adapts technology breakthroughs achieved in one industry to others so they can benefit from them.

The automation of processes allows reduction in production and labor costs, as well as improved productivity, quality, and safety. May it be for turnkey solutions or requests on a time and material basis, contact AV&R Energy’s team to raise your plant to the next level!

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